Topological Matter and Duality

Sep 07, 2020 - Sep 11, 2020

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Topological properties of gauge theories find application in the characterization of novel phases of matter and in establishing nonperturbative phenomena such as the duality relations between quantum field theories in three and four spacetime dimensions. This conference is meant to expose the current status of research in several domains dealing with topology and duality.

* Anomalies of quantum field theories
* Generalized symmetries
* Topological aspects of quantum states in condensed matter
* (Supersymmetric) dualities in (2+1)-dimensions
* Time-reversal symmetry and 4d theta-terms

Invited Speakers

A. Abanov (Stony Brook)
A. Bernevig (Princeton)
M. Burrello (Copenhagen)
J. Cano (Stony Brook)
N. Cooper (Cambridge)
E. Fradkin (Urbana)
A. Kapustin (Caltech)
J. Maciejko (Alberta)
S. Moroz (Munich)
C. Mudry (PSI Villigen)
K. Ohmori (SCGP)
P. Putrov (ICTP)
S. Raghu (Stanford)
N. Seiberg (IAS)
D. T. Son (Chicago)
A. Stern (Weizmann)
D. Tong (Cambridge)
J. Wang (Harvard)
K. Yonekura (Tohoku)*

*To be confirmed

F. Benini (SISSA, Trieste), A. Cappelli (INFN, Florence), Z. Komargodski (Stony Brook University), S. Ryu (University of Chicago), A. Vishwanath (Harvard, Cambridge), P. Wiegmann (University of Chicago)


Main event
Topological properties of gauge theories and their applications to high-energy and condensed-matter physics (Workshop) - Aug 24, 2020