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Aspects of Supergravity

Mario Trigiante - Politecnico of Torino, Torino

  The course deals with the local realisation of the supersymmetry algebra. After a brief introduction to the supersymmetry algebra and its representations, the course aims at constructing pure supergravity theories in four dimensions and its general couplings to matter. Generalisations to higher-dimensional supergravity theories and gauged supergravities will also be discussed.  
    1. Supersymmetry and Supergravity.
          The Super-Poincaré algebra
          Poincaré superspace
          Representations of the Super-Poincaré algebra
          Local Symmetries
          Curved Space-Time
          Fermions on curved space-time
          Einstein gravity in the first-order formalism
    2. Extended Supergravity and Black-Holes.
          Matter coupled and extended supergravitites
          On-shell duality invariance
          Black-holes in supergravity
  Preliminary Lecture notes