Calendar of Theory Web-Seminars
Here the calendar of web-seminars, below a list of programs and related subjects

On-line seminars on Physics beyond the Standard Model and Astro Particle

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Newton 1665
The seminars are about phenomenology/theory/astro/cosmo, see the timetable.
If you wish to receive announcements add your email to this
mailing list.

VP3 - Virtual Particle Physics in Paris
Seminars on particle and astro-particle physics, twice per month, usually on Tuesday at 4pm CEST.
For timetable and how to join the seminar see here.

On-line seminars on Quantum Matter Frontier

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Four Universities of Ontario, Canada, including the Perimeter Institute, organize a series of seminars on recent topics in quantum many-body and field-theory research.
Please see: website
You can register for the seminars using the following zoom link
Once registered, you will be emailed a weblink.

On-line seminars of Particle Physics Phenomenology

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Joint seminars of the particle physics phenomenology groups in
Milan (INFN-UNIMI-UNIMIB), for informations see the Indico page.

On-line seminars for the italian String Theory community

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Seminars usually take place on Thursdays at 2:30pm CEST.
Informations on the seminars can be found here , and it is possible to join through the link Zoom Meeting.
If you wish to receive announcements, please send an email with subject "sub string-webinar" to mailing list

On-line seminars on Applied Holography

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The workshop Holo Matter continues. The holography and string theory group from IFT, Madrid presents HoloTube, the first network of online seminars on Applied Holography.

On-line Lattice Field Theory colloquia

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A virtual lattice field theory colloquium series hosted by the MIT lattice group. Talks will be hosted on Zoom every second Thursday at 4:00pm CEST.
All are welcome to attend, and to suggest speakers, please see the information
at this link.

On-line Nuclear Theory seminars

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The Institute of Nuclear Theory organizes on-line seminars to be held via zoom,
see the S@INT Seminar Schedule.
Here for a series of on-line seminars covering all fields of nuclear reactions:
Reaction Seminar.