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Lectures and topics

Early Universe video
Lecture 1: Slow-roll Inflation
Lecture 2: Quantum Mechanics in the Early Universe
Lecture 3: The Predictions of Inflation: Scalar and Tensor Modes
Lecture 4: The EFT of Inflation
Lecture 5: The EFT of Dark Energy

Lecture Notes

LEONARDO GIUSTI (Milano Bicocca U. & INFN)
Broken symmetries and lattice gauge theory video
Lecture 1: Lattice gauge theory: a theoretical femtoscope for non-perturbative strong dynamics
Lecture 2: Ginsparg-Wilson fermions and chiral anomaly
Lecture 3: Topological susceptibility and Witten-Veneziano relation
Lecture 4: Spontaneous symmetry breaking and the Banks--Casher relation
Lecture 5: Energy-momentum tensor and the trace anomaly

Lecture Notes

DAVID B. KAPLAN (U. of Washington & INT, Seattle)
Effective Field Theories video
Lecture 1. Effective quantum mechanics: scattering from delta function potentials
Lecture 2. Tree level EFT: scaling and accidental symmetry
Lecture 3. EFT and radiative corrections: naturalness, and asymptotic freedom
Lecture 4. Chiral perturbation theory
Lecture 5. Chiral lagrangians for physics beyond the standard model: axions and composite Higgs

Lecture Notes

YOSEF NIR (Weizmann Inst.)
Flavor Physics video
Lecture 1: Flavor in the Standard Model
Lecture 2: Testing CKM
Lecture 3: The new physics flavor puzzle
Lecture 4: The Standard Model flavor puzzle
Lecture 5: The flavor of Higgs (and of a hypothetical 750 GeV diphoton resonance)

Lecture Notes

Dark Matter video
List of topics:
1. Particle Dark Matter: the Name of the Game
2. WIMP Dark Matter: zeroth-order Lessons from Cosmology
3. WIMP Relic Density, a Closer Look
4. The Art of WIMP Direct Detection
5. Indirect WIMP Dark Matter Searches
6. Not-so-Indirect WIMP Searches: Neutrinos and Gamma Rays
7. Axions as Dark Matter Particles
8. Sterile Neutrinos as Dark Matter Particles
9. Bestiarium: a short compendium of notable Dark Matter particle candidates

QCD & Collider Physics video
Lecture 1: Introduction to the LHC and Collider Physics
Lecture 2: The Standard Model particles at the LHC
Lecture 3: QCD
Lecture 4: The Parton Model
Lecture 5: Factorization and Jets