Practical Information

Application and timeline
— Applicants should fill the “Registration form” linked from this page. In parallel, the PhD supervisor will be contacted and asked to fill a reference form on the applicant. The deadline is October 24, 2022.
— All applicants will be informed a few weeks after. The accepted ones will also receive information about lodging and financial support (see below), as well as an invitation letter (e.g. for visa purposes, if needed).
— The courses begin on Monady January 9 2023 in the morning. Students are expected to arrive in Florence on the previous evening. The school will end on Friday January 27 in the afternoon / evening.

— All the students are required to attend all the lectures for all the three weeks. Attending only one or two weeks, or a selection of the courses, is strongly discouraged and disqualifies from receiving the certificate of attendance, lodging and support. There will be a signature sheet to be filled daily.
— Most (if not all) students will be provided with a desk in shared offices at GGI, as well as standard facilities (wifi, printers, journal access…).

— A light buffet lunch during the weekdays is provided on the GGI premises for students and lecturers, at no cost. All the dinners and the lunches during the weekends are instead at the charge of the participants. Restaurants in Florence range from very cheap (5 euros for a basic snack) to very expensive ones. An average of 20-25 euros for a good meal is a reasonable assumption. Some of the accommodation options (see below) provide a shared kitchen.

— The school offers a no-frills accommodation option in the form of a limited number of beds in nearby hotels or apartment complexes, at a price much lower than the open market. If you are not at ease with these conditions, you can reserve accommodation on your own. If instead you are interested in this option, please mark “Yes” at the relevant question in the application form.
— The cost of this accommodation solution is about 400 euros per student, for the whole 3 week period.

Financial support
— The school can directly cover the cost of the accommodation mentioned above for a limited number of selected applicants.
— If you want to apply for the support above, please mark “Yes” at the relevant question in the application form. Note that the School can not provide support in a form different from covering the provided accommodation.

Other costs
— The school is free, there is no registration fee.
— The school will not reimburse students for their travel expenses from/to their home institutions, nor for the local transportation. The GGI can be reached on foot from downtown in about 25 minutes. There are also bus lines: please check the link “How to reach us” on the right.