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The aim of the school is to bring together PhD students with interests in Gauge and String Theory, and help them building a solid and specialised background on recent developments in Theoretical Physics.
The school is open up to 60 selected PhD students. Application to the School and for financial support is open, and should be done through the registration page.
The courses will be officially part of the Italian Ph.D. training program for the universities that have joined the initiative. For this purpose there will be the possibility of a final exam with the lecturers.
We are glad to announce that for this year we have invited Davide Cassani, Carlo Maccaferri and Sara Pasquetti to organise LACES 2019. The topics covered this year include:

D-Brane Physics
Black holes and semi-classical quantum gravity
Dynamics of quantum fields
The dynamics of 4d N=1 gauge theories

Lecturers include

Costas Bachas,  Davide Cassani,  Zohar Komargodski,  Noppadol Mekareeya,  Marco Zagermann.



LACES 2019 Organisers:
    Davide Cassani
    Carlo Maccaferri
    Sara Pasquetti
LACES Organisers:
    Carlo Angelantonj
    Pietro Antonio Grassi
    Gianluca Grignani
    Luca Griguolo
    Domenico Seminara
    Annalisa Anichini
    Mauro Morandini
    Mirella Ridi
Computer assistance:
    Roberto Baglioni
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