Guidelines for conferences and miniprograms

In order to guarantee a suitable standard each envisaged host activity should be the subject of a proposal, containing a minimum of details to enable the AC of GGI to give an opinion about its scientific value. Proposals should reach the GGI at about the time when its own program for the given academic year is to be decided (we are thinking of a September deadline in year N for activities in the academic year (N+1)-(N+2)).

As a general rule, the dates of the host activities should not overlap with those of the main programs of GGI and will only be fixed after the schedule of the latter is defined. Exceptions could be made when the host activity is of direct interest to a specific GGI program, in which case a mutual agreement between the two activities should be reached.

The host activity should be (at least) cost-neutral for the GGI. The host activity should provide its own administrative help or corresponding funds for hiring such help locally. For each host activity, both an organizer and a local contact person should be nominated in order to insure a smooth running of the program.

For any other necessary information please contact the Deputy Coordinator Daniele Dominici.