Teaching through research: remembering Raoul Gatto

Sep, 28 2018 - Sep, 28 2018

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Roberto Casalbuoni (Firenze), Daniele Dominici (Firenze), Ferruccio Feruglio (Padova), Gian Giudice (CERN), Michele Maggiore (Geneva), Luciano Maiani (Roma 1), Antonello Polosa (Roma 1), Gabriele Veneziano (CERN and Collège de France)


On September 30 2017 Raoul Gatto passed away. Gatto had been a central figure in theoretical particle physics in Italy and in the rest of the world. He was also a wonderful teacher: many of his students (sometimes referred to as “gattini”) later became well known theorists worldwide. Gatto worked in various Italian Universities, such as Florence, Padua and Rome, before moving to Geneva, where he spent the rest of his life.
The aim of the Conference is to honour the memory of Raoul Gatto, one year from his death, with updated reviews on some of the subjects on which Gatto worked during his scientific life, as well as with personal recollections.

List of speakers: Riccardo Barbieri, Roberto Casalbuoni, Sergio Ferrara, Renata Kallosh, Luciano Maiani, Antonello Polosa, Dirk Rischke

Local Committee: Andrea Barducci, Stefania De Curtis, Giulio Pettini

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