Cortona Young video-posters

Breakout room 1

Speakers Title Video-poster
Andrea Arduino
"Torino U. & INFN"
On the Origin of Divergences in Time-Dependent Orbifolds video
Sara Bonansea
"Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen "
Wilson lines in AdS/dCFT video
Carlo Alberto Cremonini
"Insubria U. Como"
Supergeometry and Wilson Operators video
Pietro Ferrero
"University of Oxford"
Analytic bootstrap and transcendentality in 1d CFTs: an application to N=4 SYM video
Francesco Galvagno
"Torino U. & INFN"
Large charge: a dual 't Hooft limit? video
Luigi Guerrini
"Parma U. & INFN"
Latitude Wilson loop in ABJM theory and dual line operators video

Breakout room 2

Speakers Title Video-poster
Alice Aldi
"Roma Tor Vergata U."
RP2 the Cinderella of tree-level surfaces video
Erica Bertolini
"Genova U. & INFN"
Holographic Projection of Electromagnetic Maxwell Theory video
Gabriel Bliard
"Humboldt U. Berlin"
Witten diagrams and superspace for dCFT correlators video
Dario Partipilo
"Padova U. & INFN"
On the vacua of Maximal Gauged Supergravities in D = 5 video
Lucrezia Ravera
"Torino Polytechnic U."
An action principle for the Einstein-Weyl equations video
Nicolò Zenoni
"Univ. Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia"
Subregion complexity in AdS_3 and in the BTZ black hole video

Breakout room 3

Speakers Title Video-poster
Salvatore Bottaro
"SNS, Pisa"
Accidental Composite Dark Matter and Grand Unification video
Alessio Caddeo
"Firenze U. & INFN"
Dark Holograms and Gravitational Waves video
Manuele Filaci
"Genova U. & INFN"
Let’s twist! Beyond the Standard Model Physics from Twisted Non-Commutative Geometry video
Mario Motta
"Torino U. & INFN"
On the phase structure and equation of state of strongly-interacting matter video
Chiara Signorile-Signorile
"Torino U. & INFN"
Dealing with Infrared: the Torino scheme video
Rajeev Singh
"Fizyki Jądrowej PAN Inst."
Understanding spin polarization at RHIC from a new relativistic hydrodynamics framework video

Breakout room 4

Speakers Title Video-poster
Mattia Conte
"Napoli Federico II U."
Polymer physics predicts chromosome nuclear structure. video
Riccardo Finotello
"Torino U. & INFN"
2D Fermions on the Strip with Boundary Defects as a CFT with Excited Spin Fields video
Carlo Heissenberg
"Nordita & Uppsala U."
2PM black-hole scattering from amplitudes in any D video
Lorenzo Maffi
"Firenze U. & INFN"
Self-dual Critical Theory on the Surface of Topological Insulators video
Marianna Sorba
"SISSA, Trieste"
Charting the scaling region of the Ising universality class in 2 and 3 dimensions video
Jacopo Papalini
"Parma U. & INFN"
Localization of JT gravity partition function video