GGI visiting program

The GGI promotes visits of scientists with leading expertise in areas within the scientific goals of the Institute. The program is reserved to short-term (from 3 to 8 weeks) and long-term (up to one year) visits. Researchers willing to apply must fill the web form at least one month before the beginning of the short-term visiting period or six months before the beginning of the long-term visiting period. The GGI will provide to visiting scientists office space and the access to all the GGI facilities and events during the period of their visit. Financial support for living expenses can be also granted upon request and it is subject to the available funds.

Visitors at the GGI


Alberto Cattaneo (University of Zurich)

At the GGI from 05/10/20 to 16/10/20

Collaboration with Francesco Bonechi (INFN Firenze). His research activity revolves around Poisson geometry, topological quantum field theories, and the mathematical aspects of perturbative quantization of gauge theories.


Daniele Barducci
(La Sapienza - University of Rome)

At the GGI from 11/01/21 to 15/01/21

Collaborator with Stefania De Curtis (INFN Firenze), Michele Redi (INFN Firenze), Andrea Tesi (INFN Firenze). His research activity is focused on the phenomenology of physics beyond the Standard Model, from collider to astroparticle physics.


Pavel Wiegmann
(University of Chicago)

At the GGI from 30/04/22 to 15/06/22

Collaboration with Andrea Cappelli (INFN Firenze) and Filippo Colomo (INFN Firenze) on hydrodynamic description of quantum fluids and on exactly solvable systems of condensed matter and statistical physics.


Alexander G. Abanov
Stony Brook University USA Stony Brook University USA

At the GGi from 01/10/22 to 31/12/22

He is collaborating with A. Cappelli and F. Colomo on hydrodynamic description of quantum field theory anomalies and on limit shape phenomena in statistical mechanics.