Affiliated Members

Researchers planning to carry on their research activity at the GGI on a regular basis, with minimum residence time of two months per year can apply for the GGI Affiliated Membership by filling this form.

The applicants are requested to indicate up to three keywords related to the research themes of their proposed activity and eventually a list of collaborators at the GGI. Affiliated members will acknowledge the GGI in their publications relative to the affiliation period.

The applications are reviewed by the Center Council every two months. The affiliated memberships are for a one-year period renewable.

Affiliated Members list

Name Institution Keyword(s)
Daniele Barducci Roma La Sapienza Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology
Alice Bernamonti University of Florence, Florence Holography
Measures of entanglement and complexity
Conformal field theory
Francesco Bigazzi INFN Firenze Gauge/gravity correspondence
String Theory
Andrea Cappelli INFN conformal field theory
effective field theory
topological phases of matter
Filippo Colomo INFN, Florence Statistical Field Theory
Quantum Integrability
Random surfaces and limit shape phenomena
Aldo Cotrone University of Florence String theory
Quantum field theories
Holographic correspondence
Francesco D'Eramo University of Padua & INFN Padua dark matter
Federico Galli INFN Firenze Holography
Valentina Giangreco Puletti University of Iceland, Reykjavik gauge/gravity duality
Luca Griguolo SMFI, Parma University and INFN Parma Nonperturbative aspects of QFT
AdS/CFT and dynamics of supersymmetric theories
String theory
Maria Paola Lombardo Firenze INFN Strongly coupled gauge theories
Phases of Strong Interactions
Lattice Field Theory
Dario Martelli Università di Torino Gauge/gravity duality
Supersymmetric field theories
Giuliano Panico University of Florence and INFN Florence Beyond the Standard Model
Higgs physics
Collider phenomenology
Giuseppe Policastro Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris Holographic correspondence
Quantum Information
Michele Redi INFN, Firenze Beyond the Standard Model
Dark Matter
Early Universe
Filippo Sala LPTHE, Paris Dark Matter
Particle Cosmology
Collider Physics
Domenico Seminara Department of Physics and Astronomy, Florence Supersymmetric theories
conformal field theories
Alessandro Sfondrini Padova Univeristy Integrable models
Conformal Field Theory
Luca Tagliacozzo ICCUB Barcelona Gauge theories in low dimensions
Conformal field theory
Marco Tarlini INFN Sezione di Firenze Quantization of Poisson manifolds
Bihamiltonian systems and integrability
Noncommutative geometry
Andrea Tesi INFN, Firenze Beyond Standard Model Physics
Early Universe
Dark Matter
Erik Tonni SISSA, Trieste Entanglement in quantum systems
gauge/gravity correspondence
conformal field theory
Diego Trancanelli UniMORE & INFN Bologna & Univ. of São Paulo Gauge/gravity duality
Supersymmetric gauge theories
Quantum field theory