Call for workshop proposals for 2022

The Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics organizes and hosts extended workshops devoted to specific topics which include:

The programs are jointly selected by the Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee. Each workshop, with a typical duration of 2-3 months, will host about 80 participants (maximum 35 partecipants per day).

During each workshop a conference will be organized to help in setting up the focus of the program and/or in drawing conclusions and outlooks. A training week for PhD students and young post-docs will also be planned.

Workshop participants are expected to stay for at least three weeks.

The scientific activities of each workshop are coordinated by three or more organizers. With the help of the participants, they will decide about seminars, lessons, topical discussions. The simultaneous presence of at least two organizers is requested.

Some financial support for participants will be provided by INFN (per diem and, in special cases travel expenses). Young researchers associated to INFN can be supported with specific founds (see "opportunities").

Proposals for the 2022 programs should be submitted by October 15, 2020 filling the application form. It would be useful to send an informal pre-proposal by e-mail at by the end of July 2020. All proposals will be reviewed and selected by the Scientific Committee by end of November 2020.

A proposal for a GGI workshop should contain:

Members of the Scientific Committee will be pleased to discuss ideas for programs and to answer questions.