Student Seminars

Thursday 23/01 [9:00-9:30] Mehra Rahul (University of Bonn)
What can nEDM tell us about the EFT of DM-quark scattering?

Thursday 23/01 [9:30-10:00] Manso António (University of Granada)
ν−Inflaton Dark Matter

Thursday 23/01 [10:00-10:30] Mougiakakos Stavros (IPHT Saclay)
Scattering Amplitudes in Effective Gravitational Theories

Friday 24/01 [11:15-11:45] Kim Jung-Wook (Seoul National University)
Kerr-Newman black hole stress tensor from QFT

Friday 24/01 [11:45-12:15] Gomes Andrew (Cornell University)
An On-Shell Approach to Gauge Anomalies in an EFT

Friday 24/01 [12:15-12:45] Sjö Mattias (Lund University)
Higher Order Tree-Level in Amplitudes the Nonlinear Sigma Model