GGI Lectures

GGI Lectures on the Theory of Fundamental Interactions

Authors Title Year Video
Paolo Creminelli
Early Universe 2016 Level 1 course
Csaba Csaki
(Cornell U.)
Topics and physics beyond the Standard Model 2018 Level 1 course
David B. Kaplan
(U. of Washington & INT, Seattle)
Effective Field Theories 2016 Level 2 course
Michael Peskin
Collider Physics 2015 Level 1 course
Stefano Profumo
(UC, Santa Cruz)
Dark Matter 2016 Level 1 course
Riccardo Rattazzi
Particle Physics & the structure of the 4D RG flows 2015 Level 1 course
Giovanni Ridolfi
(Genova U. & INFN)
An introduction to the standard model of electroweak interactions 2018 Level 1 course
Antonio Riotto
(Geneva U.)
Inflation and cosmological perturbations 2018 Level 1 course
Giovanni Villadoro
Axions 2015 Level 2 course

SFT - Lectures on Statistical Field Theories

Authors Title Year Video
Alexander Abanov
(Stony Brook University)
Topology and geometry in condensed matter physics. Toy models 2020 Level 1 course
Denis Bernard
Introduction to SLE and relation with CFT 2014 Level 2 course
Fabian Essler
(University of Oxford)
Introduction to non-equilibrium dynamics in integrable many-particle systems 2017 Level 2 course
Thierry Giamarchi
(Université de Genève)
Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids: from field theory to experimental realisations 2019 Level 1 course
Giuseppe Mussardo
(SISSA - Trieste)
Introduction to Conformal Field Theories 2014 Level 1 course
Giuseppe Mussardo
(SISSA - Trieste)
Overview 2014 Level 1 course
Satya N. Majumdar
(LPTMS, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay)
Introduction to Random Matrices 2018 Level 1 course
Tomaz Prosen
(University of Ljubljana)
Open quantum systems 2017 Level 1 course
Slava Rychkov
Conformal Field Theory methods and applications in dimensions greater than two 2016 Level 1 course
Kareljan Schoutens
(ITP, Amsterdam)
Topological phases and Conformal Field Theory 2015 Level 2 course
Herbert Spohn
(Technische Universität Munchen)
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Universality Class 2018 Level 2 course

Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics

Authors Title Year Video
S. Brodsky
(SLAC Natl. Accelerator Lab.)
Light-Front Dynamics and Holography 2019 Level 2 course
H. Lenske
(University of Giessen)
Theory and applications of nuclear direct reactions 2018 Level 1 course
A. Navratil
Ab initio methods in nuclear physics 2018 Level 1 course
M.R. Pennington
(Th. Jefferson natl. Lab., Newport News)
Understanding hadron spectroscopy 2015 Level 1 course
G. Martinez Pinedo
(Technical University,Darmstadt)
Stellar nucleosynthesis 2018 Level 2 course
A. Poves
(University of Madrid)
The shell model 2016 Level 1 course
C. Simenel
(Australian National University, Canberra)
Microscopic dynamical approaches to heavy-ion reactions 2018 Level 1 course
A. Volya
(Florida State University, Tallahassee)
The compound nucleus model, resonance states, reactions with clusters 2016 Level 1 course
B-S Zou
(Inst. Theo. Phys. Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Hadron and Exotic Spectroscopy 2019 Level 1 course


Authors Title Year Video
Costas Bachas
(ENS, Paris)
D-Brane Physics 2019 Level 2 course
Adel Bilal
(ENS, Paris)
Anomalies 2018 Level 1 course
Zohar Komargodoski
Dynamics of quantum fields 2019 Level 2 course
Elli Pomoni
Supersymmetry 2018 Level 1 course