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GGI Lectures on the Theory of Fundamental Interactions 2021

Jan 11, 2021 - Jan 29, 2021

The lectures are primarily addressed to Ph.D. students in High Energy Particle and Astroparticle Physics. The aim of the school is to give a pedagogical introduction to the basic concepts and tools needed for research, covering the foundations of the subject at a deep and advanced level. The main topics include the Standard Model of Particle Physics and its extensions, Collider Physics, Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology.

- Roberto CONTINO (SNS Pisa): Effective Field Theories
- Marco PELOSO (Padova U.): Inflation and Reheating
- Maurizio PIERINI (CERN): Machine Learning applications to HEP
- Massimo PIETRONI (Parma U.): Large Scale Structures
- Riccardo RATTAZZI (EPFL Lausanne): BSM for Millennials
- Giulia ZANDERIGHI (MPI Munich): QCD and Collider Physics

Important Notice:

The spread of the COVID-19 has changed our everyday lives. As many travel restrictions are still in place, even though some countries are slowly opening up again, the situation remains unpredictable. If the situation keeps steadily improving, the school will be held in person, and a reduced number of participants (about 30) will be able to attend the lectures. The GGI will implement social distancing both in classes and in offices. The institute will also provide surgical masks for all the participants. All the common areas will be periodically sanitized and endowed with disinfectant dispensers. We invite everybody interested in participating in person to apply, even if, as of today, they are subject to travel restrictions. We will monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 emergency and, in the case in which some admitted students will not be able to travel due to the prolongation of the emergency, we may consider the remote participation to the school (through an interactive platform such as Zoom, G-meet, or Teams). Consult this webpage periodically to be informed of any change in the situation. More information for travellers to Italy may be found in the following government webpage


Francesco D'Eramo (Padova U. & INFN)
Stefania Gori (UC, Santa Cruz)
Fabio Maltoni (Bologna U. & Louvain U.)
Giuliano Panico (Firenze U. & INFN)
Diego Redigolo (INFN, Firenze & CERN)
Riccardo Torre (INFN, Genova)

Local organizer
Giuliano Panico