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BPS Dynamics and Quantum Mathematics

May 20, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024

Apply (deadline: May 20, 2024 )

Quantum field theory is not only the unifying language of fundamental forces, but also an extremely rich source of surprising non-perturbative dualities. This success in predicting unexpected new links among seemingly distant subjects has accelerated on many fronts over the past few years, thanks to applications of modern developments in “quantum” mathematics to quantum field theories with supersymmetric, integrable, conformal, topological, or holomorphic structures. The insights emerging from these developments have been the source of important novel results across various branches of theoretical physics and mathematics, hinting at further new connections awaiting discovery. The common ground to all these recent developments is the richness of the physics and mathematics underlying the dynamics of protected (BPS) sectors, whose study ties together fundamental questions in diverse fields in original ways. This workshop aims to highlight and discuss the impact of key developments, to forge new synergies, and to grasp together the hints of far-reaching new opportunities. The 5-week program includes an initial school and a final conference, while the middle research weeks will host daily seminars and mini-courses.

▪ BPS Algebras, CoHAs, Yangians
▪ Knots, Chern-Simons, Quantum Modularity, log-CFT
▪ DT Invariants, Topological Strings, Resurgence

▪ Cyril Closset (Birmingham University)
▪ Pietro Longhi (Uppsala University)
▪ Fabrizio Nieri (Turin University)
▪ Domenico Seminara (Florence University)
▪ Katrin Wendland (Trinity College Dublin)
▪ Masahito Yamazaki (IPMU)

Local organizer
Li Gan (GGI), Tiziano Schiavone (GGI)


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