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Resurgence and Modularity in QFT and String Theory

Apr 08, 2024 - May 17, 2024

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Modularity is a particularly powerful symmetry with many applications in theoretical physics and mathematics, in particular quantum field theory and string theory. Resurgence is a general framework for advanced asymptotics which effectively unifies perturbative and non-perturbative physics via an intricate network of algebraic relations known as Ecalle’s bridge equations. Modularity and resurgence overlap strongly in the goal of exploring non-perturbative completions of perturbative data, leading to profound new insights into the connection between weak coupling and strong coupling, and in the study of dualities, black holes and quantum gravity. The goal of this GGI Workshop is to bring together experts from these two frontier areas in theoretical and mathematical physics to foster further interaction between different scientific communities and to develop novel strategies to address truly significant problems.

Focus topics include:
- Modular graph forms and the low-energy expansion of string theory.
- Resurgence, duality and modularity in AdS/CFT.
- Automorphic forms and non-perturbative scattering amplitudes.
- Resurgence and (Mock)-modularity in 3d Chern-Simons theories.
- Exact results in localizable superconformal quantum field theories.
- Resurgence and modularity in black holes and quantum information.

The GGI environment is ideal for starting new collaborations, and learning new methods. A particular goal of the workshop is to attract outstanding junior scientists to this field. We plan a week-long introductory school at the beginning of the workshop, and a one-week conference later in the workshop. Junior scientists will be given priority in presenting their current work in informal “chalk talks” throughout the workshop.

Daniele Dorigoni (Durham University) daniele.dorigoni@durham.ac.uk
Gerald Dunne (University of Connecticut) gerald.dunne@uconn.edu
Michael Green (DAMTP, Cambridge) mbg15@cam.ac.uk
Luca Griguolo (University of Parma) luca.griguolo@unipr.it
Sarah Harrison (Northeastern University) s.harrison@northeastern.edu
Yasuyuki Hatsuda (Rikkyo University, Japan) yhatsuda@rikkyo.ac.jp
Axel Kleinschmidt (Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam) axel.kleinschmidt@aei.mpg.de
Sameer Murthy (King’s College London) sameer.murthy@kcl.ac.uk
Anne Taormina (Durham University) anne.taormina@durham.ac.uk

Local organizer
Andrea Cappelli


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