Event at Galileo Galilei Institute


New Physics from Galaxy Clustering at GGI

Aug 25, 2025 - Oct 03, 2025

Apply (deadline: May 31, 2025 )

This workshop aims at catalyzing the joint efforts of particle physicists and cosmologists towards the exploration of new physics with large cosmological datasets. The workshop is structured to encompass three thematic weeks dedicated to model building and testing fundamental physics in cosmology, developing novel theoretical tools to search for new physics in cosmological observables, and discussing the potential of next generation experiments to probe the plethora of new physics signals. A symposium with summary talks will conclude the workshop. A concurrent school is planned, with the aim of addressing the evolving landscape of this new field and helping participants catch up with recent developments and novel tools. An important feature of the workshop is a designated focus week, devoted to the initiation of a much-needed community white paper, summarizing the new and well-motivated particle physics models that can be tested in cosmology in the light of upcoming data and planned future experiments. The workshop nicely aligns with the expected data releases from DESI and Euclid.

Week 1: School on modeling of LSS observables and dark sector model building
Week 2: Models of new physics vs cosmological probes
Week 3: Theoretical tools to search for new physics
Week 4: Focus week
Week 5: Design of the next generation of experiments
Week 6: Conference

Emanuele Castorina (University of Milan);
Azadeh Moradinezhad (LAPTH, Annecy);
Diego Redigolo (INFN, Florence);
Ennio Salvioni (University of Sussex);
Marko Simonović (University of Florence);
Anže Slosar (Brookhaven National Laboratory);
Tomer Volansky (Tel Aviv University);


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