Next Frontiers in the Search for Dark Matter

Aug 26, 2019 - Oct 11, 2019

The origin of dark matter (DM) is among the most urgent questions in fundamental physics, as astronomical observations do not inform us directly about its particle nature. The proposed workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists to explore new theoretical avenues and detection strategies. During the workshop we will focus on well-motivated and long-standing theories of DM, such as WIMPs and axions, and we will assess the status of fast-moving current searches. We will identify new DM theories, with particular emphasis on those giving distinct predictions from WIMPs. There will also be extensive discussions about new ideas for discovering DM through direct detection, indirect detection, collider production, and cosmological observations. Finally, we will explore dark-sector extensions of the standard model, which can yield distinctive cosmological and astrophysical signals, as well as exotic events at colliders.

Notice that there will be a conference during week 5 (Sep 23-27), covering the topics of the workshop. See the link above.

Week 1: New theories and the dark matter mass landscape
Week 2: Direct searches
Week 3: Indirect and astrophysical probes
Week 4: Searches at accelerators
Week 5: One week conference covering the themes of the workshop
Week 6: Axions and ALPs
Week 7: Primordial black holes dark matter and gravitational waves

The application deadline for the workshop has passed

Marco Battaglieri (INFN Genova)
Laura Baudis (University of Zurich)
Francesco D'Eramo (Universita' and INFN Padova)
Claudia Frugiuele (CERN)
Eric Kuflik (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Tongyan Lin (UCSD)
Sam McDermott (Fermilab)
Hitoshi Murayama (UCB and LBNL and Kavli IPMU)
Stefano Profumo (UCSC and SCIPP)

Local organizer
Andrea Tesi (INFN Firenze)


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