Cortona Young video-posters

Breakout room 1

Speakers Title Video-poster Slides
Simone Albanesi
"University of Turin & INFN"
Gravitational waves from eccentric compact binaries: the Effective One-Body approach in the extreme mass-ratio limit video slides
Salvatore Bottaro
"Scuola Normale Superiore, PISA"
Closing the window on WIMP Dark Matter video slides
Harish Chandra Das
"Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar"
Curvature and its correlation with some properties of the neutron star video slides
Marco Costa
"Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa"
Asymmetric accidental composite dark matter video slides
Matheus Medeiros
"University of Pisa"
Linearized Geodesic Light-Cone Gauge video slides
Leonardo Mastrototaro
"Università degli Studi di Salerno & INFN"
Massive sterile neutrinos in the early universe: from thermal decoupling to cosmological constraints video slides
Ankit Kumar
"Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar"
Warm dense matter and Cooling of supernovae remnants video slides
Vicharit Yingcharoenrat
"SISSA, Trieste"
Beyond Perturbation Theory in Inflation video slides
Kirill Zatrimaylov
"Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Pisa"
On Cosmic Filaments, Dark Halos and Rotation Curves video slides

Breakout room 2

Speakers Title Video-poster Slides
Ivano Basile
"University of Mons"
Non-SUSY brane dynamics and the swampland video slides
Gabriel Bliard
"Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin"
Using the Mellin transform in 1D CFTs video slides
Davide Billo
"University of Florence & INFN"
Holographic and QFT Complexity with angular momentum video slides
Davide Bonomi
"University of London"
Correlators from unitarity in 1D CFT video slides
Matteo Buzzegoli
"University of Florence & INFN"
Anomalous spin-rotation coupling at finite temperature video slides
Chiara Crinò
"University of Trieste"
On de Sitter string vacua from anti-D3-branes in the Large Volume Scenario video slides
Mario De Marco
"SISSA, Trieste"
Higgs branches of 5d rank-zero theories from geometry video slides
Riccardo Matrecano
"Politecnico di Torino, Turin"
Can topology regularise N=2 AdS4 pure Supergravity? video slides

Breakout room 3

Speakers Title Video-poster Slides
Francesco Galvagno
"ETH Zürich"
N=2 Conformal quivers as interpolating theories video slides
Nicola Gorini
"University of Milano-Bicocca"
The topological line of ABJ(M) theory video slides
Giulia Peveri
"Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin"
Defining the Mellin Transform in 1d CFT video slides
Lucrezia Ravera
"Politecnico di Torino"
Schrödinger connection with selfdual non-metricity vector in 2+1 dimensions video slides
Saman Soltani
"SISSA, Trieste"
AdS Black Hole Entropy and Superconformal Indices video slides
Andrea Sangiovanni
"Università degli studi di Trieste"
Open string methods and Gopakumar-Vafa invariants video slides
Leonardo Santilli
"University of Lisbon"
Phases of five-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories video slides
Nicolò Zenoni
"UCSC (Brescia) & KU Leuven"
A falling magnetic monopole as a holographic local quench video slides

Breakout room 4

Speakers Title Video-poster Slides
Jan Tristam Acuna
"SISSA, Trieste"
Phenomenological consequences of an interacting multicomponent dark sector video slides
Alessandro Gavardi
"University of Milano-Bicocca & INFN"
NNLO QCD event generation for ZZ production matched to parton shower video slides
Giovanni Pelliccioli
"Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg"
Heavy signatures at the LHC: NLO corrections to off-shell ttW production video slides
Anna Rinaudo
"Università and INFN of Genova"
Next-to-Leading Logarithm small-x resummation for Higgs induced DIS video slides
Federico Silvetti
"Università La Sapienza di Roma"
Small-x resummation at the LHC: multi-differential cross sections for heavy quark production video slides
Sonali Verma
"Future Projections for Elusive Dark Sectors"
Future Projections for Elusive Dark Sectors video slides

Breakout room 5

Speakers Title Video-poster Slides
Giuseppe Di Giulio
"SISSA, Trieste"
Complexity of mixed Gaussian states from Fisher information geometry video slides
Daniele Gregori
"University of Bologna & INFN"
Integrability and cycles of deformed N=2 gauge theory video slides
Marco Mancastroppa
"University of Parma & INFN"
Stochastic sampling effects and heterogeneities in control of epidemic processes video slides
Luca Martinoia
"Università degli Studi di Genova"
Thermoelectric conductivities in Charge Density Waves States from hydrodynamics video slides
Sara Murciano
"Sissa, Trieste"
Symmetry-resolved entanglement and negativity in systems with U(1) symmetry video slides
Andrea Palermo
"Università di Firenze, Firenze"
Exact mean values at equilibrium with rotation and acceleration by analytic distillation video slides
Emanuele Viviani
"University of Florence & INFN"
Invariant polynomials and integrable systems on compact Hermitian symmetric spaces video slides